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Match Board


You are trying to spell the word bus: the picture tile of a bus is placed on the picture square. Then a B is placed on the first square, when the B tile is nearing the square, you can feel a magnet trying to pull the tile towards the square. Now you are trying to place an O tile on the second square, when the O tile is nearing the square you can feel a magnetic resistance occurring. If you force the O tile onto the board anyway, the tile will hop off the board.

Match Board

Match board is a technology based learning board combining the force of computerized technology with the strength of traditional off-screen learning methods. Match Board is a new spelling tool. The purpose is to enhance practice spelling. Match Board gives instant feedback both if the spelling is correct or incorrect. Typically, spelling is improved by writing words many times, and getting it addressed by a teacher afterwards, with Match Board the teacher is constantly by your side.


Match Board consists of a board, picture tiles and letter tiles. On the board, different squares are marked. The first square is for the picture tiles. The picture tiles symbolize different words, which one can try to spell. Aside from a square for the picture tiles, the board has four letter squares for the letter tiles. Through the integrated technology you can sense if you are trying to place the correct letter tile on the proper square. The letter tile is either attracted or repelled the concerned square on the board.